Certification in Montana
Certified SWPPP Administrator/Preparer
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Altitude Training Associates has developed the SWPPP Administrator/Preparer Certification training program (BMP 201) in accordance with the Montana Construction General Permit and with the approval of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MT DEQ).

The course was developed for individuals who have already completed the Introduction to Storm Water Management (BMP 101) prerequisite class and who will be fulfilling the role of the SWPPP Administrator.

Lead Trainer Scott Olson Conducting Field Academy TrainingLead Trainer Scott Olson Conducting Field Academy Training
This is a two-day training course that, upon completion, certifies attendees meet storm water requirements. The first day is in the classroom and the second is a field trip during which attendees participate in conducting construction site evaluations.

The course is offered annually at various locations in Montana and certification is valid for three years after which a one day recertification class is required to maintain certification. The course is open to anyone, from any location, who needs or would like the certification/training.

Guest Speakers
Our course includes participation of a representative from the City or the MT DEQ. Guests provide valuable information such as the city's requirements for storm water, how they conduct inspections of construction sites, and who to contact for information, for example.

They also explain how to do various things such as submitting required applications and preparing and submitting an SWPPP. Often, guests will discuss common mistakes they see and how to prevent/correct them.

Meeting the Storm Water Training Requirements
Any SWPPP Preparer/Administrator is required to maintain a valid certification from an authorized training provider such as Altitude Training Associates. Your instructor, Scott Olson, delivers effective and interesting programs on your way to certification. Training programs offering valid certification are open for enrollment now for both the certification course and the recertification class.

There is a six-month grace period from your last certification date before or during which you can take the one-day recertification class. After the grace period, you will need to attend the two-day course to obtain certification.

Duties of an SWPPP Administrator
General duties that are performed by an SWPPP Administrator include:

The permittee must specify an SWPPP Administrator and any other designated SWPPP Administrators in the Notice of Intent (permit application) form and the SWPPP. An SWPPP Administrator is an individual, or position title, who is responsible for developing, implementing, maintaining, revising, and updating the SWPPP.

Additional duties include: